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Izmir is the largest city in the western of Mainland and the third most crowded city (app. 3,7 millions of habitant) in Turkey. City mainly placed over the Gulf of İzmir, as you could see it in visuals.

Historical background lays out to 3,500 years with the effects of its own geographical advantages. Port of the city and its status were as opening to Mediterranean, attracted the East during the thousands of years. 

Currently, city port is Turkey's primary port for exports in terms of the freight handled and its Free Trade Zone, a Turkish-USA joint venture established in 1990, is the leader among the twenty similar free trade zones over the country. Its workforce, and particularly its rising class of young professionals, concentrated either in the city.


The city generally accepted as the most latter day, open minded and democratic among the other 80 city over the City. It is the reflection of become a strong supporter of Republican idea. You could see its effects in daily lives, in relations between the people etc.

Besides, The city is full of  international arts festival during June and July, and the Izmir International Fair is a place where lots of exhibitions held during a year. İzmir is hosting by national and international flights through the Adnan Menderes Int. Airport and there is a subway running from the southwest to the northeast part of city.

If you prefer to go on a little bit historical, following places should be placed on your agenda. Agora where literally means a bazaar or a meeting area surrounded by arcades. In addition to that, Ephesus where the House of the Virgin is believed to be the last residence of the Virgin Mary, , located in a nature park between Ephesus and Selçuk. Moreover, you’ll be able to find more areas around of Izmir.

Pursuant to night life and entertainment, basically should be hanged out around the Alsancak. Street parties, numbers of fabulous clubs and so on will hypnotize you during your trip. Two main streets of it are  First Kordon and the Second Kordon constitute the main arterial roads of the quarter. This part of the city is with well-designed streets, modern apartment blocks and stores, the city's trendiest and the most expensive and exclusive residences and commercial space are found here, as well as the busiest office buildings, including consulates.
Many restaurants, bars, cafes, discothèques and other entertainment venues are located in Alsancak.

Here you are, brief introductory to our city. Now, savouring is on your hands, lucky joiners to 2440 District Bornova Rotaract guests. Dynamic trips, full of fun, nice sightseeings and more will be waiting for you into our Round Trip arrangement. We guaranteed the moments that you won’t forget will stand for you in here under the our control. 

Stay in peace dear all.

2440 District Bornova Rotaract

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